Residential Services

We offer the following services to our residential customers:

Slating and building repair

No need for scaffolding as we use rope access to gain access to the areas that no one else can. Making important roofing repairs to the most vulnerable and important part of your building. No need for scaffold to do those small building repairs such as pointing, masking and vent pipe install. We can have the ropes set up and the job done in the same day with minimum fuss.

Stop drop roofing and building reports

This is the fastest growing part of our business, as more and more people are needing to know the strengths and weaknesses to their buildings. For a one off price a full pictorial report can be obtained, giving you peace of mind knowing your chimney pot or roof ridge will not fall during the next storm.

Window cleaning

Fast and easy we can have our ropes up, windows gleaming and away before other companies have set up.

Building cleaning

Graffiti, grime, and dirt can all be cleared away with our pressure washer service

Guttering and downpipe repair and clearance

We specialise in repairs of cracks and leaks to downpipes with the clearance of guttering and valleys to keep the water flowing and the prices low.

Roof & Building Inspections

On the agreed date and time we will carry out a roof inspection, where we check: chimney pots, stone work, slates, tiles, valleys, guttering, ridging and coping stones.

We will advise of any risks from material falling or blowing off, and highlight any areas that may be a cause for concern.

We provide you with a pictorial report, showing the extent of any damages to your property, along with a quote for getting them repaired.

At a glance our report shows the condition of your roof, saving you from any nasty surprises.

Your Roof Inspection Report:

We will provide you with a pictorial report showing the extent of any damage done or any hidden dangers along with a quote to fix these. Any small fixes can be done on the day after consulting with the client that its ok to proceed.

Cherry picking services

On the odd occasion where we are unable to use rope access we have the expertise and the use of cherry pickers of all shapes and sizes. From the roof that can't be stood on to the monument that can't hold ropes, if it comes down to expert access at height then Edinburgh Rope Access is the only company to use.

Anything else?

You’d be surprised what is possible using rope access. If your required job isn’t listed above, give us a quick call, and we’d be more than happy to let you know if rope access would suit.